Al Ofoq for youth development organize its annual General Assembly meeting


    31 March 2017, Jericho, the general assembly of Al Ofoq organized its annual general assembly meeting in Jericho/ touristic village, In the presence of most members. The session was opened by Dr. Ahmed Musleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors. After having ascertained the quorum of attendance and read the names of those present, the meeting was opened by reading the agenda of the meeting which was as follows:  Discussing the 2016 Administrative Report, Discussing the financial report for 2016, Election of a new administrative body, Adoption of evidence for administrative and financial  proceedings, Adoption of the financial budget for 2017, Discuss the strategic plan to approve it for the years 2017 - 2019.

    The 2016 financial report which was prepared by the Palestinian company for Auditing and Accounting has been heard, discussed and approved unanimously. The administrative report was also discussed and approved by consensus. Then, the CEO Dr. Mohammad Fararjah, gave a speech on the work mechanisms and projects to be implemented. He presented also a paper on the strategic plan for the years 2017-2019 and thanked the team accompanying him in the implementation of various activities and projects.  

    Moreover, Anan Atawnah, Head of the Department of Public Relations,  presented the strategic plan of the Foundation for the years 2017 – 2019 and the most important projects to be implemented during the current year 2017. He also presented the projects implemented during the year 2016 to the members of the General Assembly and the plan was approved by the General Assembly. The estimated budget for the year 2017 was then presented by Majdy Derya, the Finance Department, , and approved by the members of the General Assembly.  Ruba Asaad, Head of the Programs Department, also presented the various programs and projects which were implemented during the past year. The presentation include a number of projects to be implemented which have been funded by financiers during the recent period.

    Ibrahim Sulaiman provided a full explanation of the awareness program and talked briefly about the meetings that were carried out during 2016. In addition, he presented plans and categories that the program will target during 2017 with various Palestinian universities, centers, municipalities, community organizations and partner institutions. Razan Halabi, a volunteer in the public relations department, gave a presentation on what was accomplished in preparing the administrative and financial procedures manuals of the foundation.

    During the meeting, they approve the active and participant role of youth in the society which is one of the most important goals that the organization works through its programs. Considering,  that all programs in the near future should include the geographical distribution in implementation mechanisms, to achieve the desired goals.

    At the end of the meeting, the candidacy for membership of the administrative board was opened. Then, members of the administrative body were elected by acclamation, and a meeting will be held for the new administrative body for the distribution of posts.