Palestine, as a developing country , suffers from an occupation that hinders its process to progress. Unlike other countries which gained their independence in the 19th century, Palestine suffers a systematic and continuous series of destruction conducted by the occupation forces. Al Nakba in 1948, Al Naksa in 1967, and the constant Zionist aggression, continue to undermine the chances of building a sustainable and self- determined Palestinian society and state.In response to all these factors and in spite of the current restricting and constraining circumstances which the Palestinian society has to face, Al Ofoq aims to give a perspective to Palestinian youth which represent approximately 70%, (40% ages less than 15 years old and 30% ages 15 to 29).


Al Ofoq is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, it was founded on May 2012, in Ramallah, Palestine. Al Ofoq emerged to create a collective consciousness of youth about  Palestinian cause at all its levels. Moreover, Al Ofoq considers community and youth issues, as a basic priority to recruit and support the general national concern. Al Ofoq Foundation works on youth development by its core projects : Awareness Project,  Empowerment Project, and Participation Project.


Al Ofoq envisions a generation of youth that is Aware of its reality, Able to face obstacles and fulfill its responsibilities, and a positive Participant in society.

Al Ofoq places youth as a focal point of the process of development, therefore it develops and implements programs and projects which nurture and adopte youth initiatives, and assists in networking amongst youth themselves and with other social sectors.


In order to guarantee constant interaction with the youth, Al Ofoq regularly carries out various workshops, conferences, publications, polls and surveys, contests, festivals, youth camps, scientific coursesand voluntary activities.


"We have the past here, and we have the voice of the first life, and we have the present, the present, and the future"  Mahmoud Darwish


An enabling environment for an aware capable and participating Palestinian youth.


Al Ofoq seeks to contribute in the creation of a generation which is aware of its own reality and of the importance of its role to bring forth positive change; empowered to fulfill its responsibilities and a  positive and active participation in the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of life. Al Ofoq develops and implements programs and projects.


which encourage and adopte youth initiatives, and facilitate networking amongst youth them selves and other social sectors. This aim to ensure a more prosperous future for youth generation, to promote youth awareness and to reconstruct a Palestinian society that is able to cope with the  burden of the present and the future.

Goals and Objectives

-          Promoting the culture and values of citizenship and civil society.

-          Raising awareness of the concepts of democracy, human rights, and principles of good governance.

-          Promote the concepts of dialogue and acceptance of others.

-          Enhance the status and role of Palestinian youth.

-          Raise youths awareness of the importance and necessity of voluntary work.

-          Seeking to provide a legal framework to protect the rights of youth and their interests and aspirations.