Al Ofoq seeks to contribute in the creation of a generation which is aware of its own reality and of the importance of its role to bring forth positive change; empowered to fulfill its responsibilities and a  positive and active participation in the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of life. Al Ofoq develops and implements programs and projects.


which encourage and adopte youth initiatives, and facilitate networking amongst youth them selves and other social sectors. This aim to ensure a more prosperous future for youth generation, to promote youth awareness and to reconstruct a Palestinian society that is able to cope with the  burden of the present and the future.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase awareness amongst youth
  • Enhance youth skills, capacities, and capabilities.
  • Explore new horizons and prospects for effective youth participation
  • Advocate for a legal framework to protect the rights, ambitions, and benefits of youth.
  • Coordinate with governmental, national and civil organizations that share similar interests.